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Conference Queering Czech History

Date and venue: November 29–30, 2019 (Fri–Sat) at Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague

Language: Czech/Slovak/English (without simultaneous translation, individual summaries of selected Czech papers into English for those who are interested)

Description of the conference:

The conference organized by the Society for Queer Memory, the Institute of Economic and Social History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT in Brno will deal with queer history in the Czech Lands in Central European and international context in autumn 2019 at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ground-breaking conference Homosexuality in the Czech Lands and the Humanities. By “queer history” we mean approaches to historical research, which endeavor to critically analyze heteronormative structures in society and stereotypes in thinking, related to the bipolar image of gender and biological sex, using the selection of topics and applied methods.

The transdisciplinary conference welcomes papers on general, social and cultural history, historical anthropology, literary history, history of art and aesthetics, music, film and TV studies, library and archive studies, museum studies etc.

Paper topics may focus, among other topics, on:

  • Emancipation history, fighting for LGBTIQ+ rights, cross-sections of these attempts and those with other emancipation or modernization movements
  • History of oppression, criminalization and disciplination of LGBTIQ+ people
  • Self-interpretation of LGBTIQ+ people in various periods of the past
  • LGBTIQ+ presence and visibility, life experience in archives, museums and libraries
  • Medical, legal, social and other discourses about trans* people
  • Representation of LGBTIQ+ people in visual arts, literature, performing arts, film and TV genres
  • LGBTIQ+ people as authors of artworks and cultural values and their (queer) reception
  • Queer space and spatiality: queer people in private and public space  
  • Queer history in the course of WWII: queer holocaust history, queer everydayness in the Protectorate, collaboration of queer people with the Nazi regime, queer resistance movement
  • Queer oral history

Deadline for proposal submission: May30, 2019

Conference fee: none

Conference administration: Michal Mako

Preparatory committee:

Dr. Anna Hájková

PhDr. Jan Seidl, Ph.D.

PhDr. Ladislav Zikmund-Lender

Mgr. Michal Mako